Made up of many of the world’s top companies, our trusted network is here to help you. By adding our partners’ expertise, you further support to integrate, innovate, and accelerate the power of your data.

Get the best—with the best!

ELU’s unique learning experience sets you free and gives you the freedom of choice – discover the career you want, not the career someone else wants you to do. We place the student at the heart of our process, consciously matching you with employers who will generate mutual advantage.

No more working in dead-end jobs while waiting for something better to come along. ELU brings you mobility, both geographically and professionally. With our employability-focus, you’ll leave university with a clear idea where to best take your skills – and it’s highly possible that you’ll have a job waiting for you when you leave, or even before you graduate.



iXperts Partner Manager: Rob Oomens

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Atrify is the platform for product content that enables more than 20,000 users in over 50 countries to share accurate and reliable content with their partners and consumers. With complementary expert services, Atrify provides a holistic solution portfolio for transparency, compliance and cross-channel trading. Atrify is 100% owned by GS1 Germany.